Do’s and Don’ts of Presentations (Infographic)

So you’re feeling tense about the presentation you are going to give tomorrow. The ideas you had in the morning vanish and instead a blank screen is pounding your eyes. Take a deep breath, take a peek at this infographic compliments of Walkerstone, get some insights, and have faith that you got this.

Whether you’re pitching a product or presenting at a staff meeting, this may give you a few ideas to help make your presentation easier for you to deliver, easier for your audience to listen to, and more memorable overall.

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  • Some of the tips in the graphic are helpful, but tragically it perpetuates the awful Mehrabian Myth.

    Imagine watching a speech with the sound turned off. Without any words, would you really get 93% of the message? And conversely, if a friend read the transcript of the same speech, would they only get 7% of the meaning? Those figures just don’t make sense.

    • Suzannah Baum

      Hi Craig,
      I went to the link that you provided, read the article, learned about the Mehrabian Myth (love it, by the way….thanks for sharing), and I DO agree with you that the 7/38/55 isn’t entirely accurate. It can certainly oversimplify the art and science that is public speaking, and perhaps lead people in the wrong direction in terms of thinking that as long as their body language is OK, their content doesn’t matter (super false!).

      Also, regarding the line in article that said “If you see public-speaking myths being shared, please challenge them…”, — Thanks for speaking up and challenging them!

      • Thanks for being so willing to take it on board, Suzannah. The myth’s incredibly widespread, which I think’s because the precise numbers give it credibility. But it sounds like you’re now willing to challenge it yourself when you hear other people share it, which is great!

        • Suzannah

          Thanks again for setting the record straight, Craig. Feel free to get in touch again if you think that something I post is a little off-base. I’m always open to debate!.

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