Content-rich programs that will allow your team to create and deliver engaging & audience-centric presentations that get results.

Whether you’re organizing a conference or event, a training session for your team, or a workshop, you want to provide great value to your attendees. You want to give them the opportunity to learn and grow, both personally and professionally. But most of all, you want them to leave your event feeling motivated and empowered to take action on the new ideas that have just inspired them. Suzannah’s high-energy, interactive, deep-content presentations will leave the audience with the tools to create and deliver career-building, reputation-enhancing presentations – persuasively and powerfully.

To ensure that Suzannah’s programs produce results, all include a high level of customization to address your most relevant and pressing speaking and presentation needs. This unique approach ensures that audiences will be more engaged and open to learning techniques and strategies that are intended to achieve the desired outcome.

Learn more about Suzannah’s speaking programs below, and contact us to learn how they can be customized for your team for maximum impact.

Suzannah’s program brought tremendous value as we prepared for our annual user conference this year. Not only did our team enjoy the presentation skills training and coaching workshop, but they continue to use what they learned – for thought leadership webcasts, tradeshow speaking engagements and customer presentations. We follow Suzannah’s Diamond speech structure flowchart, which allows us to create strong, engaging presentations faster – and with more focus.

Rahim Kaba

Director of Product Marketing

Captivate with Confidence, and Leave Your Audience Wanting More

How to Create & Deliver Powerful Presentations that Get Results

Is your team getting their point across clearly, concisely, and confidently to your clients and potential customers? Is your team giving presentations that are compelling enough to move their audience to action? Are your managers able to communicate properly with their team — and share both good AND bad news — in the most appropriate way?

If you want to stay ahead of the competition, your team’s presentations must be persuasive, powerful and professional each and every time they speak with clients, prospects, or investors. At the same time, internal presentations — given to and by employees and management — are a crucial piece to ensuring that company information gets shared, projects move forward, teams communicate well with each other, and outstanding individuals are given an opportunity to shine.

This interactive session focuses on the powerful tools and techniques that can be used to turn every presentation or public speaking opportunity into a rewarding experience. Whether speaking to one person or a crowded room, participants will learn a variety of techniques to enable them to stand before a group and successfully deliver compelling messages, including:

  • Techniques to reduce the stress and anxiety of public speaking
  • How to structure and focus your presentation for maximum impact
  • The different structure requirements for informational and persuasive presentations
  • Delivery styles that help you connect with your audience
  • How to organize your thoughts for impromptu speaking
  • How to recognize and avoid the most common bad speaking habits
  • The power of stories and personal experience
  • How to make facts and statistics come alive

Captivate with Confidence: How to Create & Deliver a Powerful Presentation


How to Create Audience-Centric Presentations that Drive Results, and Make You Look Like a Superstar

There’s no doubt that creating and delivering a successful, engaging presentation requires an investment of time, energy and a variety of resources.  However, despite hard work and best intentions, sometimes these presentations simply do not get the results that they were designed to achieve – no follow-up sales or meetings, no change in behaviors, no impact.

This hands-on session will share a powerful step-by-step formula for creating structured, engaging and audience-centric presentations that get your message across in a clear and concise way, provide value to the audience, and ensure that the time, energy and resources that you put into it get you the results you want —  and make you look like a total superstar in front of your audience!

In this session, you will learn:

  • The one essential premise that will change how you approach presentations
  • The key questions you must ask BEFORE building your presentation that will guide you to creating compelling content that will guarantee audience engagement
  • A proven – and repeatable – process to craft structured, engaging and audience-centric presentations – faster, easier, and more effective than ever before

How to Nail Your Audience-Centric Presentation


How to Manage Public Speaking Nerves, Create a Focused Message, and Rock Your Presentation

Nothing beats speaking for building your personal brand, communicating your strategies and ideas, selling your products and services, and promoting your business. The leads and opportunities you get from just one successful talk is often immediate — and sometimes transformative. (Imagine two successful talks? Or twenty?)

The trick, of course, is to deliver a great speech. So what’s stopping you? If you’re like many professionals, you worry about looking nervous — making an embarrassing mistake or freezing up in front of an audience and not being able to recover – or seeing people tune out or, worse, yawn .  Or maybe you can control your nerves, but you’re totally overwhelmed with how to put together a presentation in a focused, engaging and compelling way.  As a result, you may be avoiding speaking opportunities, and holding yourself back from sharing the tremendous value that you can offer.

In this program, you’ll learn a proven process that makes you confident and effective anytime, in any venue, in front of any audience. This includes:

  • 3 simple strategies that instantly get you calm and confident in the crucial seconds before an event.
  • How to quickly move beyond a fear of public speaking and actually thrive in front of an audience.
  • How to not become stuck or frozen in your presentation — and what to do if that does happen!
  • 5 steps to building a structured, focused, engaging presentation that will be easy for you to present, and easy for your audience to remember.
  • How to get your desired results from each and every presentation you give.

Speak Up, Stand Out, Be You

Ready to NAIL your next presentation?

9 Secrets to Bulletproof Your Presentations


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