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  • "From bland to brilliant."

    Wally Adamchik, Firestarter Speaking & Consulting / President
  • "Right from the onset, the team was engaged and valuable insight and discussions ensued. Suzannah’s training brought tremendous value as she easily gained the trust & respect from the team…."

    Jeff Tabacman, Cesium / Sales Director
  • "After only one short session, I was able to see a considerable improvement in my presentation skills..."

    Bin Lao, BMO Capital Markets / Vice President, Global Trade & Banking
  • "Many people were very excited to implement some of the ideas that you shared into their upcoming presentations. You made us re-think the way we prepare for presentations in a way that resonated with both new and experienced presenters alike."

    Patty Kettles, Automobile Industry Assoc. of Canada / Manager, Marketing & Events
  • "Suzannah immediately understood what I was trying to achieve and was able to help me finesse my message so that the audience would be open and engaged. We found ways to weave in stories and analogies that really drove the point home and made it “real” for the audience, and more than that, built a strong level of connection that lasted the entire week of the sales conference."

    Allison Rossiter, Roche Diagnostics / Executive Director of Sales
  • "Suzannah’s training program brought tremendous value as we prepared for our annual user conference this year. The team continues to use what they learned – for thought leadership webcasts, tradeshow speaking engagements and customer presentations. We follow Suzannah’s Diamond speech structure flowchart, which allows us to create strong, engaging presentations faster – and with more focus."

    Rahim Kaba, eSignLive by Silanis / Director of Product Marketing
  • "What Suzannah teaches you is how to focus inward, be succinct with what you want to say, and present it in a way that includes your personality…. The thing that you learn from Suzannah is confidence. And confidence is the greatest sales tool in the world."

    Dahna Weber, Motherhood Incorporated / Founder
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