On Becoming a Professional Public Speaker (my interview at the McGill Toastmasters Club)

I had a MAGNIFICENT time being interviewed by the talented Alain Guillot at the McGill Toastmasters Club in a post-meeting interview session. In this interview, Alain and I share a fast-paced, personal, and very honest (sometimes too honest, maybe?) conversation where we discuss the journey from terrified Toastmaster to full time professional speaker/trainer/coach, leaving a […]


What Story Are You Telling Yourself? (and is it Ruining Your Chances for Speaking Success?)

When you’re asked about public speaking, is your knee-jerk reaction to say ““I hate public speaking. I am just NO good at that”? Have you already decided what you’re good — or not good — at, and convince yourself that it’s the truth? What do you do when you have a skill, talent or expertise […]


How Your Body Language Can Help – or Hurt – How Others See You (radio interview)

I was interviewed on the Life Unrehearsed show on CJAD800 Montreal radio, where we discussed the amazing power of body language, especially: How to be more mindful of the image you’re projecting. What your all those gestures really mean to your audience. How you might [unknowingly] be turning off your audience with certain body language.   […]


How to Command Attention at a Meeting as a Business Woman (my interview with Carleton University Women in Business)

Meetings can be daunting. Not only are you required to present ideas that are thought-provoking, you are also expected to present yourself in a way that enables the goals of your business to succeed. There can be a LOT riding on the  content that you present, how you present it, and how the audience receives […]


Body Language in Politics: Hands, feet, posture, eyebrows, and MORE!

I recently was asked to be a guest on City TV Montreal to discuss the body language techniques and non-verbal cues within a political debate – specifically, the debate between the four candidates in the Quebec provincial election. The positioning and movement of the hands, the differences in posture, their stance, and even their eyebrows […]


Got the Storytelling Bug? Don’t Confuse It with Effective Public Speaking

Guest Post by John White, VenTAJA Marketing Storytelling. Suddenly, you’ve got the bug. Maybe you’re streaming the 10 most popular TEDx talks, listening to Ignite presentations or tuning in to The Moth Radio Hour. Maybe you happened into a pub on open-mic storytelling night and you were captivated by the tales people told. Or maybe […]


Houston high school teacher wins Toastmasters’ 2018

Houston high school teacher wins Toastmasters’ 2018 World Championship of Public Speaking® Ramona J. Smith rises above 30,000 participants to win world’s largest speech contest With a speech titled “Still Standing,” Ramona J. Smith, a high school teacher from Houston, Texas, won the Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking on Saturday, Aug. 25. For the first time […]


Even Professional Speakers Don’t Always Get it Right

A few weeks ago, I attended a full-day marketing and branding conference to listen to six individuals, all professional speakers, authors, and experts in their field. They were scheduled to take the stage for 45-60 minutes at a time, to an audience of approximately 1,000 people. Some of these speakers were more well-known than others, […]


3 surefire ways to build connection with your audience — and look like a speaking superstar!

If you’re like many of my clients, you may be comfortable giving presentations. You may have a LOT of experience delivering them. You may even get great feedback after you speak. But is confidence, experience, and “good job, [insert your name here!”] enough to consider your presentation successful? (You already know that this a trick […]


Speaking at a Podium While Reading Notes: Is it a Recipe for Disaster…Or another way to Rock Your Presentation?

Standing at a podium and reading your script has the potential to create a boring, unengaging, and frustratingly long experience for your audience. Here’s how to make sure that doesn’t happen when you’re the speaker. If you’ve ever sat through a presentation where the speaker stands at a podium reading their notes, you know that […]

9 Secrets to Bulletproof Your Presentations


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