3 questions that prove you care about your audience [VIDEO]

Here’s the problem with presentations. You’ve got a lot to say, and time restrictions on long you have to say it. So what’s the solution?

Easy! CRAM as much information into the presentation as you can! Just throw it all out there, and see what sticks. The audience will figure out what they need to know, they’ll disregard the rest, and you can consider it a job well done!  Am I right??

(I think you know where I’m going with this…).

What’s happening, in fact, is that when you present too much information in too little time, your audience may not be able to process, connect with, or take action on what you’re delivering.

If the outcome isn’t what you had hoped for, then all the hard work that you put into the presentation goes right down the tubes!

The solution? Ask yourself these questions BEFORE you even start crafting your presentation – and you’ll get more focus, provide your audience with more relevant and meaningful information, and create a memorable presentation experience for them – and show them that you care!


9 Secrets to Bulletproof Your Presentations


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