Video highlights of my most recent keynote is in!

I’m super excited to have received the highlights video of one of my more recent keynotes.

It’s been added to the list of other videos on my Speaking page, but I wanted to share it here too!

It’s not quite as clear as some of my other ones, because my video guy had to stand WAAAAAAY at the back of the room, and wasn’t allowed to move around (due to convention centre rules). He went full-tilt on the zoom function to get it to look this close. And while there was actually a stage in the room, it wasn’t very usable. There was a big table right in the middle (that couldn’t be moved), AND a big fat lectern taking up a ton of space (that also couldn’t be moved). More on the logistics of room setup in a future post — stay tuned! Anyway, that’s to explain why I spoke from the floor, and not from the stage.

As always, I’d totally welcome any thoughts/feedback on the video that you’d be willing to share with me!

View the video directly on my YouTube page. 



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  • Great job. I like the way you customised the examples to suit the HR audience.

    • Suzannah Baum

      Thank you so much, Craig!

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