Seth Godin gets his point across – in the first 2 minutes

For an air-tight example of an excellent speech introduction, look no further than Seth Godin’s speech about sliced bread at In a little over two minutes (from minute 0.25 to 2.35 on the video), he not only tells the audience exactly what he’s going to talk about in an concise, interesting, and engaging way, but he includes the all-important WIIFM (What’s In It For Me?) factor to really draw in his listeners.

How does he do it?  Watch the first 2 minutes of this speech for clues…

  1. He immediately introduces the four specific examples that he’s going to talk about, including one of his own failures (Seth Godin failed at something?  I don’t believe it…)
  2. He tells us the entertaining one-minute history of sliced bread
  3. He relates the story of sliced bread to his main point, “The Importance of Getting Your Idea Across”
  4. He emphasizes the main point, via repetition, of what he wants his audience to get out of his speech: “True success comes from being able to get your idea across” (the illustrious WIIFM – because who doesn’t want true success?)
  5. Great slides, showing recognizable figures who became very successful because they were able to get their point across. He finishes the introduction powerfully, stating that “people who get their ideas across win.” I want to win, Seth – tell me more!

Did I miss anything?

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