Another blog about public speaking? Really?

This is my first blog. And I type my way into the world of blogging with both trepidation and excitement. I hesitated before jumping into this world for a long time; “There are millions of blogs out there,” I thought. “What will mine say or do that will be any different?” So I took my time. And I thought. And had long debates with my web guru about it. In short, I procrastinated.  I felt that I had to wait until I felt like I had something of great value to share. I didn’t want to add to the noise of the ever-increasing blogosphere.

Meanwhile, as I stayed quiet, opportunities were being missed. Excellent speeches were not being recognized; bad speeches were not being analyzed. And as a result, any potential value was going right down the drain.

Will this blog about how to improve public speaking and presentation skills be different? I don’t know. Will it change the world? Probably not. What it will do, however, is work hard to provide unique, valuable and interesting content. I hope that it will create discussions, provide a forum to share ideas, and showcase the highlights – and lowlights – of the presentations we see and hear on an ongoing basis.  Ultimately, the goal is to create discussions with you, my honorable readers, on the different qualities that make a really good public speaker, and new perspectives on how to approach your next presentation with style, charisma, and confidence.

Time has been lost, and opportunities have been missed. But that ends today. I’d love to hear from you, through your comments, your ideas, your feedback, your questions.  This blog will evolve with time, and with participation. You’ll read from guest bloggers, watch speaker videos, ask and answer questions, and your comments and feedback on the speakers that you see will always be welcome, every step of the way.

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