How To Master Public Speaking — A super-cool infographic

Many thanks to for sharing this insightful, creative and sometimes-funny (as terrifying as clowns and zombies can be, people are STILL more afraid of public speaking!) infographic on How To Master Public Speaking.

The infographic is geared towards how to understand, manage and re-frame your fear of public speaking, and shares the basics on how to alleviate some of the anxiety that it brings.

For the next steps after you’ve moved past the fear, take a look at this recent video on the secret weapon to get over the fear of public speaking. Or check out this question from a subscriber on whether she should just give up on public speaking altogether…and my response.

Seems like with all this information, there are fewer and fewer reasons to avoid public speaking…don’t you think?

How to Master Public Speaking

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  • Kyler Brown

    I’ll never turn down tips when it comes to public speaking. I am a decent speaker I feel like, but there’s always room for improvement. I loved your point about learning how to appreciate the effectiveness of daily rehearsal and practice. I always say that you play how you practice. Thanks for sharing this!

    • Suzannah Baum

      Thanks Kyler! Even the very best speakers keep learning and growing, so I agree that there’s always room for improvement. And thanks for your feedback on practice. It’s such a crucial component to speaking, and you simply can’t get better without it.

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