“Hey Suzannah…who do you work with, and what are they trying to achieve?” [Video #2 in the 4-part Meet Suzannah Video Series]

In the 2nd video of my 4-part Meet Suzannah Video Series, I briefly answer the question: “Who do you work with, and what are they trying to achieve?”

(Hint: They’re people who come from all points of the public speaking spectrum….from nervous to super-confident, from entrepreneurs to executives, from new to seasoned speakers. They all have different speaking goals, but what they DO have in common is the desire to be more engaging presenters, delivering a compelling, focused, valuable message to an audience).

I happily invite you to contact me if you’d like information on booking:
– A Presentation & Public Speaking Training Program for your team
– Executive Speech Coaching to help you prepare for your next presentation
– A speaker for your next conference or off-site meeting.

Credit to technical guru David Papp for his suggestions, guidance, pokes and talents in making these videos a reality.

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