“Suzannah, if we were to work together, where do we start?” [Video #4 in the 4-part Meet Suzannah Video Series]

Here’s my short answer to the question: “If we were to work together, where do we start?”

(Hint: It’s all about determining what the audience needs to hear, putting it into a defined structure, the magic of my 3-step process, and THEN…(watch the video to learn more — because the last point is about YOU (yes…YOU!))

I happily invite you to contact me if you’d like information on booking:
– A Presentation & Public Speaking Training Program for your team
– Executive Speech Coaching to help you prepare for your next presentation
– A speaker for your next conference or off-site meeting.

Credit to technical guru David Papp for his suggestions, guidance, pokes and talents in making this video series a reality.

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