On the radio with Life Unrehearsed (CJAD 800 Montreal) — Talking about how to step out and get noticed through public speaking

A great time was had by all on CJAD800 Montreal radio on the Life Unrehearsed program (I come on in the last half hour in this video).

We talked about common myths of public speaking, how to shift your mindset so that you could approach your presentation with more confidence, and the best first steps for moving forward.

At the end, they asked “Where can our listeners go from here?” And while I suggested getting a coach and checking out Toastmasters, I should also have suggested that that they (and you!) check out the TONS of speaking resources available on my website — articles, posts, and most importantly, a variety of 2-minute videos that address some of the most common public speaking questions that I get asked.

The show was done on a Facebook Live, so you can watch it here!


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