On Becoming a Professional Public Speaker (my interview at the McGill Toastmasters Club)

I had a MAGNIFICENT time being interviewed by the talented Alain Guillot at the McGill Toastmasters Club in a post-meeting interview session.

In this interview, Alain and I share a fast-paced, personal, and very honest (sometimes too honest, maybe?) conversation where we discuss the journey from terrified Toastmaster to full time professional speaker/trainer/coach, leaving a full-time job to dedicate myself to what started as an ‘inconsistent’ business (while still managing to eat full-time), how surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you grow your business, the myth of the overnight success, how to balance between panic and appreciation when business gets slow, and the looming spectre of the dreaded Imposter Syndrome. Plus there were some added laughs and “secret sauce” discussions along the way.  Interesting questions from the audience at the end rounded out this amazing evening.

It’s always very meaningful for me to go back to this particular Toastmasters club, since this is where my public speaking career began. I joined in 2002 at the recommendation of one of my cousins, who happened to be a club president in California at the time. I was struggling in my career, terrified of public speaking, and searching for both personal and professional development that could give me a little direction in my life.

I couldn’t have found a better place.

The people, the chemistry of the group, combined with the Toastmasters structure, was exactly what I was looking for at the time. I spent 8 years as a member of that club, and I can honestly say that I would NEVER have been able to develop the skills that I needed to pursue and work in this industry without the foundation provided by the supportive, encouraging, amazing people at the McGill Toastmasters club.

Many thanks to Alain Guillot, Angela He, Cheryl Williams, George Tabah, Monica deLiz, Lila Malde, and every other person in the room who made this such a wonderful, welcoming, and fun experience.

Get more information about the McGill Toastmasters Club or  Toastmasters International. 

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