It happened AGAIN

Maybe it’s something in the air, or the universe is shifting, but last month I attended not one, but TWO full-day conferences dedicated to women’s growth, empowerment and enlightenment. The fact that there were 100+ women at each event is testament to how much of a ‘thirst’ there is among so many women to do more, learn more, and BE more.

And for however talented, educated, skilled and spiritually-aware all of the women were, it happened AGAIN.

The leader of a hugely successful business with over 50 employees,  who doesn’t even know that she has something worthwhile to ducttapeshare with an audience. The naturopath who has travelled the world, who isn’t comfortable sharing with an audience about different health and healing techniques among different cultures. The financial advisor who would prefer working one-on-one, and not sharing her vast knowledge and experience with larger groups… because it’s just easier not to.

Yet, with most of these women, all they need is a gentle ‘prodding’ to convince them that their experience IS worth sharing, their stories ARE interesting enough, and that they DO have exclusive knowledge that is valuable — and important — to share with larger groups. And once the gentle prodding gets them to act, there’s no stopping them. Because honestly, isn’t it cool when people want to learn what you have to teach? But more importantly than that: Don’t we have a duty to share our knowledge, experience and talents, not just for our own professional gains, but because this information can help change the lives of people who want to listen to us?

I think we do.

sharePlease don’t hide your unique experience, education and talents behind a fear of public speaking, or a fear that people won’t be interested in what you have to say. Sure it takes time to craft an impactful presentation, and of course you’re busy and have other things to do. Certainly it’s not always a picnic to deal with the nerves and anxiety of speaking in front of a room of people, and yes, it’s easier not to.

You’ve got to structure your presentation so that it’s interesting, engaging, and valuable. You’ve got to deliver it with confidence, authenticity, and style. And you have to ensure that you connect with your audience every step of the way. So yes, there’s quite a bit of work involved. But when did anything worthwhile ever come easy? Besides, once you make the decision to go for it, that part isn’t nearly as difficult as you might think.

In fact, there’s an audience out there right now, waiting for you and your message. How long do you intend to make them wait?

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