I’m baaaa-aack…and with news!

Sorry for dropping off the face of the earth for the last 2 months. Life has taken some twists and turns…both my life, and the brand new life of my newly-arrived ‘bundle of joy.’ My first son was born in early December, and what a trip it’s been! It’s amazing how such a little person can create  such upheaval (in a good way, of course) inso many people’s lives – mainly me and my husband, but I’ll throw the grandparents in there for good measure.

While my little one may be mentioned in certain blog posts, this will remain a blog about presentation, public speaking and communications skills. I am often left wondering how best to get a point across with a 7-week old, and I can certainly say that he’s helping me sharpen my communication skills…as long as you disregard the high-pitched (and possibly annoying) baby talk that I sometimes have to resort to.

Much as I am a very proud and happy parent, this is about the extent of the “announcement” that I’m making about my boy. I have opted not to post photos — neither here, on Facebook, or on my newsletter. Perhaps that’ll change sometime in the future, but for now, my boy is under wraps and being enjoyed by our close friends and family.  This actually prompted one of my colleagues to question if my boy was healthy and if all was fine, since in this world of hyper-sharing, he wondered why I didn’t share the announcement in my newsletter.  Is it just me that isn’t 100% comfortable showing the extended world what my boy looks like? p.s. Yes, he’s healthy, he’s beautiful, and all is fine.

It’s not that I don’t want to share my happiness — or my photos — with my blog readers, my newsletter subscribers and my Facebook friends (both the real friends and the “where do I know this person from again”? friends).  As you can see, I *am* sharing it – just without the photos.  It just begs the question — where do we draw the line on sharing the deepest parts our private lives?  Where is the point at which we decide NOT to share? Am I making too much of these privacy issues — and being too paranoid —  by not posting  his photo?

In the meantime, as he sleeps next to me right now in his fluffy blanket, I’m happy to have him all to myself.

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