7 Ways to Make Your Next Presentation Your Best Yet

If you’ve ever given a presentation, you know how tempting it is to wow your audience with fabulous graphics and over-the-top information. That’s why they came to the meeting, right? And that certainly takes the attention off of you—even better, correct?

Unfortunately, that’s the exact opposite of what presenters should be doing, and it won’t do anything to help you boost your speaking confidence. What you should always remember is that the people in the audience might want to learn, but they’re mostly interested in seeing you. What you can do is help them change their viewpoint—giving them a reason to care. To do that, you have to own the idea—and to share it, too. And even if you don’t feel confidence, you have to figure out how to impart that notion to your audience.

Want more tips on how to make your presentation great? Check out this cool graphic — which also includes insights from global presentation leaders Nancy Duarte and Guy Kawasaki. It goes into more visual (and interesting) detail to explain these 7 ways to make your next presentation your best yet:

#1 — Own the idea
#2 — Contrast wins
#3 — Make the audience the hero
#4 — Resonate confidence
#5 — One slide, one idea
#6 — Consider the 10/20/30 rule
#7 — Don’t over-complicate tool selection

(Many thanks to Gherich & Co. and Salesforce Canada for sharing this information with me!)

7 Ways to Make Your Next Presentation Your Best Yet

Via Salesforce

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