3 surefire ways to build connection with your audience — and look like a speaking superstar!

If you’re like many of my clients, you may be comfortable giving presentations. You may have a LOT of experience delivering them. You may even get great feedback after you speak. But is confidence, experience, and “good job, [insert your name here!”] enough to consider your presentation successful?

(You already know that this a trick question, right?)

Confidence, experience, and kudos from your peers is nice. But that’s all it is. NICE.

Because the success of your presentation ultimately depends on the RESULTS that you get from it.

The sad truth is, you can create beautiful presentations with great slides and deliver them smoothly and confidently — but you won’t see ANY results if the audience doesn’t connect with you or your message. And when THAT happens, all the time, energy and resources that you’ve poured into the presentation just becomes a waste of time — both for you AND for your audience!

But if you can create a message that they DO connect with, then they will be more engaged, find meaning and relevance in what you’re saying, and take action in the way that you want them to take action. And YOU will be seen as the speaking superstar who gets results!Check out this short video with 3 surefire ways to connect with your audience — every time you speak!

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  • Audrey Miller

    Thanks so much Suzannah, I always appreciate your great suggestions.


    Audrey Miller ( an ex Montrealer and we communicated previously )

    • Suzannah Baum

      Thank you so much, Audrey! I really appreciate your feedback, and am so glad that you found value in this (and of course I remember you 🙂 ).

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