Why do people freak out over public speaking?


Global TV segment: How to overcome nerves when speaking in public

A super-fun (and early) morning on Global TV Montreal, discussing how to prepare for a speech, why telling a joke at the beginning is a BAD idea, and how to be gentle (yet still helpful) if [...]


Why ‘Very Good’ Isn’t Good Enough When it Comes to Public Speaking (Guest Post)

This is a guest post by Samuel Eddy, the man behind Open Change Workplace Wellness. Through his company he combines his counselling background and corporate experience to deliver keynote speeches [...]


Do’s and Don’ts of Presentations (Infographic)

So you’re feeling tense about the presentation you are going to give tomorrow. The ideas you had in the morning vanish and instead a blank screen is pounding your eyes. Take a deep breath, take a [...]


How to Speak in Front of a Room Full of Strangers (My interview with Elle Canada!)

“Professional public speaker Suzannah Baum shows us how to overcome the very legit panic that comes with addressing a group.” I was SUPER excited to be interviewed by Elle Canada magazine [...]


What do firemen, supermodels and naked audiences have in common?

It’s the most common question I get asked by those who deal with a fear of public speaking: “Should I picture my audience naked?” If we were speaking to a room of supermodels and firemen fresh [...]


How To Master Public Speaking — A super-cool infographic

Many thanks to www.Mastersprogramsguide.com for sharing this insightful, creative and sometimes-funny (as terrifying as clowns and zombies can be, people are STILL more afraid of public [...]


Public Speaking: Should You Just Give Up?

I recently received this question from someone, and I had to share it: “Suzannah, I’m so nervous when I have to give a presentation, I just can’t do it. I feel like everyone can see how [...]


If it can happen to him…

Back in September 2015, I wrote a post about the winning speech at the 2015 Toastmasters World Championship of Public Speaking, given by Mohammed Quatani. His speech, The Power of Words, was [...]


Fear of Public Speaking? Here’s your secret weapon!

If you ever wonder, “How can I get over my fear of public speaking?” or even more specifically, you think to yourself, “I’d like to give more presentations, but it feels so uncomfortable, and I’m [...]

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