Master Your Public Speaking Skills: My interview on Bold Radio Station!

That was cool.

On July 15, I was interviewed by Belle Kohen of the Midlife Makeover Show on
Bold Radio Station.

The great conversation included:

1. What type of people I work with, and WHY they’re coming to me for help with their presentations.
2. Top-level tips on how to prepare for a presentation.
3. The all-too-horrible FEAR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING, and what you can do to get over it (or at least manage it).
4. The most common mistakes people make when giving a presentation.
5. How you can get in on the unique program, Create A Signature Speech That Sells, that will help you create structured, engaging and compelling presentations, and be seen as the leader that you are every time you speak up!

Have a listen! I’d love to hear your feedback.

9 Secrets to Bulletproof Your Presentations


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